Today MPP has a respectable fleet of modern thermoforming lines made in the United States, Canada and Germany. Our production facilities allow us to ensure uninterrupted manufacture and delivery of packaging at any time of the year, despite seasonal fluctuations in the demand of our customers.

In addition to the main production equipment Pishche-Poly-Plast is fully equipped extensive machine park for auxiliary purposes,which allows not only to constantly improve the manufactured serial products, but also to carry out a full cycle of manufacturing new molds by our specialists on its own equipment

Production of plastic packaging (video)

Production of packaging for pies (video)

Production of packaging for cakes (video)

Production of individual packaging. Custom packaging.

In addition to the regularly recharged list of serial products, our company produces new molds according to the customer's individual order. On the basis of the enterprise, we will produce any mold for a new packaging product in 30-45 days, from the development of a design idea and a 3D model, to the finished construction and prototype of the finished container.

When creating new types of packaging, MPP adheres to the long-established principle in the global packaging industry, which is that it is much more correct to create a package for a certain product (already manufactured or planned for release), than first create this product, and then try to match it with the available packaging on the market. Our design engineers always offer our clients to provide a detailed technical specification and thus make it possible to offer several options for optimal packaging solutions for your choice. We constantly make sure that this approach is correct, because our most popular and successful products were created on this principle.

Also, taking into account the requirements of the food packaging market, our design engineers have recently developed and successfully implemented completely unique new types of packaging for cakes: a series of panoramic cake stands and a line of cake boxes that has no analogues in the Russian market and has already received recognition from many of our customers.

We also offer:

  • Development and production of individual packaging, according to the customer's order.
  • Development and application of the embossed logo on the packaging to the customer's order.

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