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For more than nineteen years, the Russian-Canadian company MPP has been working on the Russian market of food plastic packaging. All these years, our team has always faced and still faces only one major task – to create and produce a variety of original, high-quality food packaging that meets the most diverse requirements of our customers. Through the years, the company has become a stable and well-coordinated production manufacturing whose main task is not the pursuit of scale, but a careful attitude to the needs and wishes of each individual client, regardless of its size, orientation and location.

LLC Pishche-Poly-Plast was created in 2000 in Moscow with direct
participation of a canadian thermoforming company.


One of the key factors in forming the company's strategy is the selection of a professional team of specialists. They will shape the company's image and reputation. As for our team, they are true masters of their craft in engineering, construction and design, Economics and Finance, marketing and logistics. The company's specialists are constantly trained by leading Western manufacturers of thermoforming and extrusion equipment, regularly attend international exhibitions and conferences on packaging issues, and exchange experience with professionals in the field of plastic production. Therefore, the latest world-class achievements are implemented in our production technology. We strive to increase productivity, reduce the cost of production, improve its quality, functionality and appearance. To a large extent, this is the merit of our professional team. After all, they invest in each product not only their knowledge and work, but also a part of their soul.

Taking into account all wishes and comments, we create comfortable conditions for cooperation for our clients.

For our clients, we have created a different system of discounts and payment forms, operational schemes for accepting orders, and delivering products to our customers. Today, Pishche-Poly-Plast operates through an extensive network of dealers and regional representatives in many regions of Russia and Belarus. We also work directly with a large number of confectionery companies and workshops, bakeries, fast food restaurants and culinary enterprises. In Moscow, "PPP" always delivers the order to your warehouse with its own vehicles the next day, regardless of the order volume.

11 reasons why you will want to work with us:

Individual approach

Industry experience, understanding of the customer's business

Minimum batch - one box

Prompt departure of a specialist

Applying a corporate logo

Execution of orders for the next day

Fast delivery times for orders, both serial and special order production

The confectionery symbol of the capital of the Russian Federation was the “Moscow " cake - a nut cake with a delicate cream made of condensed milk. This was announced by the city authorities on October 9. You can bring a sweet gift from the capital to almost any corner of our vast country. The recipe was developed with a shelf life of more than 48 hours. A strong and convenient packaging from the company "Poly Pishe Plast" will facilitate even the longest and most difficult transportation.

Buy the author's cake from Yulia Vysotskaya became possible thanks to the Dobryninsky confectionery plant. Do you want to happy your loved ones with the exquisite taste of a delicate dessert? All You need to do is find the nearest store of the Dobryninsky brand and choose a cake to suit your taste and mood.

Please note that these cakes are Packed exclusively in Poly-Pishe-Plast containers. This package is of the highest quality and is made in accordance with international standards. It will perfectly preserve the shape of even the most delicate cake.

We are confident about the future. Our team draws this confidence from the positive feedback and trust that our regular and new customers give us. And these strong business relationships are mutual.

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